The Home Selling Process

1.    Choosing the Right Realtor
It’s important that the realtor you choose to help you has years of experience, and that he/she is a local real estate expert: they're knowledgable, and have sold MANY houses in your city, neighborhood, subdivision. There is no substitute for experience as the real estate transaction is lengthy, complicated, and fraught with legal loopholes.  

We are experts on the value of your house, which is extremely important.  Regardless of market conditions, overpriced homes sit on the market for weeks/months, unsold.  The longer your house sits on the market, the less money it commands from a buyer.  This is not simply a statement, or an opinion. 

The Realtor you choose to represent you, and your family, will directly affect the price your house sells for, and ultimately the amount of money you receive at close of escrow. 

2.    Selling your Home for Top Dollar with the Least Amount of Inconvenience to You
This is the goal for most homeowners.  However, many think that if the cost of selling is lowered, their proceeds check will be bigger.  Nothing could be more further from the truth.  

As a seller you should be thinking of how to maximize your proceeds check, not necessarily how to reduce your costs to sell (ie: realtor fees).  We can advise you on how to put more money back in your pocket.

3.    Preparing your House for Sale
Check out our new information here which reveals how to prepare your house in 2018 to sell for the highest price, in the shortest amount of time!

There's a good reason when you go into a new home model complex why all the builder models are decked out with the newest upgrades, nice appliances, furniture staging, soothing music, etc.. Buyers like features that are new, and they like homes that are in move-in condition.  

Why?  When buyers see items in resale homes that are in need of repair, updating, remodel, painting, etc… what they really see are dollar signs ($$$!!!).  They become more concerned with how much money it will cost them to make the house livable for them.

This is why preparing your house correctly to sell is VERY IMPORTANT in your quest to get top dollar.  We have tons of knowledge on which repairs to do before the house goes on the market (the ones with the most bang for your buck), and when it also makes sense to install new carpet, or fresh paint, etc.

We are also marketing gurus, who can professionally stage your home to look like that new home model.  By doing so we know potential buyers will be willing to spend more money on your home, ultimately increasing your proceeds check.

4.    Home Pricing Strategies
Each and every house has its own market value, which is a specific dollar range for the value of your house.  Just like Kelley Blue Book which give values on cars, it is easy for just about everyone these days to determine what a home is worth. Price it too high because you want extra money?  Then you run the risk of the home not selling quickly and not selling for top dollar.  Let your house sit on the market too long unsold??  Then it will command less money with buyers as the first question every buyer asks when they see a home is: How long has this been on the market??

We help plan out a pricing strategy that will attract more qualified buyers, which will then translate into more offers and a higher sales price for your home, equaling a larger proceeds check.

5.    Contract Negotiation
Most sellers think that the selling price is the most important aspect in determining what their proceeds check will be.  The truth is that there are many, many, other items on a real estate contract that are negotiable and those items can seriously impact a seller’s pocketbook. Some of those items are:

          - Close of escrow, and possession date
          - Rentback options, and costs
          - Who pays for what in the contract? Such as cost of inspections, repairs, HOA docs, and fees,              title and escrow fees, warranties, state mandated forms and retrofits and repairs, county and              city fees and transfer fees, etc...