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What is my home worth?

There are many popular websites where a property owner can get an idea of what their home is worth. Zillow, Trulia, etc. Some of those links are below. Keep in mind that this is a good starting point but that these online valuation sites are not always accurate. Why? Two main reasons. First, all of their information comes from postings to the county tax records. This is where all of these sites get their valuation info. Most sales are posted to the tax records 3-4 months AFTER the sale has closed. So their valuation information may not be up to date. Second, tax records have no way of knowing about improvements a homeowner may have made to their property such as, remodels, upgrades, swimming pools added, and improvements made to real property. Please keep this in mind.

No one will call or bother you if you choose one of the below buttons to get a quick valuation on your home. If you'd like a more detailed, more accurate valuation on your home please click on the DETAILED HOME VALUATION button. Thank you!!

Summerset at Brentwood


If you plan to sell your Summerset home doesn’t it make sense to use an experienced realtor who lives in Summerset  who can sell the outstanding features and amenities of our wonderful community to potential buyers??

When marketing a Summerset home we are not only selling the house, but selling the lifestyle and all of the great amenities offered at Summerset!!

*Pool, Spa, Outdoor Living

*Golf, Tennis, Bocce

*Great Neighbors, Safe and Secure location

*Clubhouses, Gyms, Fitness Centers, Library Services

*Events, Clubhouse Activities and more

Having an experienced realtor who is also a Summerset resident, one who can correctly market the Summerset active lifestyle will help you get more $$$ money from the sale of your home!!

List and sell your Summerset house for a reduced 2.0% listing fee

Mr. Lyons is a Summerset resident!

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